What is Rotate?

Rotate is a peer-to-peer social clothing rental platform, where you can rent clothes from peers' closets and generate money from your own clothes. Affordable fashion is now at your fingertips.

Your Next Adventure

  • Peer to Peer Clothing Rentals

    It's like having access to your best friends closet but now you have a lot more best friends.

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  • Promote Sustainability

    Did you know if you extend the lifecycle of your clothing by nine months you reduce it's impact on the environment by 30%?

    Rotate Your Closet 
  • Flexible Rental Periods

    You will now have the ability to rent any number of pieces from anyone's closet, at a fraction of the retail price for however long you'd like.

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  • Generate Income From Your Own Closet

    Generate income off the clothes that would normally sit in your closet by listing them on Rotateyourcloset.co!

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