Our Story

Rotate is a peer-to-peer clothing rental service. I rent your closet, and you rent mine. Generate income off of clothes that normally sit in your closet and reduce the financial & environmental burden of ownership. Trends come and go. So should the clothing in your closet.

We understand clothes.

Co-founders Jessie and Hannah are both are avid shoppers and our clothes can be a mechanism to make us feel empowered, confident, powerful, and so much more! Often times we found ourselves influenced by styles our peers were wearing, and not just influencers. We found ourselves stuck in the constant cycle of reaching out to friends on Instagram, asking where they got certain articles of clothing, & then buying the item ourselves. However, we started to realize that keeping up with constantly changing trends is not sustainable, does not make our bank accounts happy, and causes overflowing closets. This is why we wanted to create a platform to facilitate this exchange in a more sustainable way. Our vision for the future is simple, we want to become a one stop shop marketplace that helps users reduce, reuse, & recycle their clothing through renting, donating, selling and properly recycling.

We believe in a new future of fashion that fully embraces the shared economy. 

With our ever changing world, there is less desire to rewear clothing due to the rise of social media. Closets are filled with clothes that don't get worn - people only wear 20% of the clothes in their closets regularly. A Deloitte report highlighted that consumers who are influenced by social media are 4 times more likely to spend more on purchases. Moreover, the influence can be so high that 29% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase on the same day of using social media.

Today, fashion trends turnover at a rapid pace not only because of constantly changing social media trends but because of the evolution of fast fashion. This causes the rate at which we buy and discard clothes to increase too. Based on research by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the average number of times garments are being worn has decreased by 36% over the past 15 years. This exacerbates existing sustainability issues in the industry, as the fashion industry generates 4% of the world’s waste each year, 92 million tons.

Rotate will help the fashion industry become more environmentally and socially conscious by enabling customers to recycle and reuse clothing, and push for brands to produce less in the first place. We're excited to bring you on this journey!

Clothes should be fun and hassle free.

Rotate Your Closet's platform is simple and straightforward for renters and rentees alike. As a renter, you can borrow the brands you love, rent clothes for more flexible periods of time, save space in your closet while being able to try newer styles more often & so much more! As a rentee, you can seamlessly upload items from your closet to rent them out for specified period of time. Then, with our provided labels and packaging, send items off to peers and bring in an extra revenue stream, instead of letting clothes sit in your closet unworn.

We’re built to help you feel fabulous - financially, sustainably, and physically! 

Our Team

 Jessie Somekh


Hannah Graves



Jessie and Hannah met in Barcelona in summer of 2011. We immediately bonded over our shared passion for clothes, and would constantly run to each others rooms to borrow clothes. So, we've been essentially renting our closets since 2011! They parted ways after their trip but continued to stay in touch via instagram, DMing each other obsessing over the others clothes in posts and stories. Jessie was in LA, and Hannah was in Boston. In 2020 in the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the girls came up with a new business idea to build a tech platform to enable people across the country to rent clothes from each other's closets. The rest is history from there.

It's nice to meet you.